The Company’s scope is the import & processing (roasting-grinding) of all types of coffee. We can cover all coffee-related needs of your brand via our full range of products in all coffee categories:


  • Espresso: beans, ground, pods, capsules compatible with Nespresso machines® *
  • Greek coffee
  • Filter coffee
  • Flavored Filter Coffee
  • Instant Coffee
  • Decaf (espresso, Greek, filter, flavored filter, espresso capsules, pods).


All products can be packaged & branded according to preference.

* Brand of a company unrelated to commercial CAFETEX S.A.

We undertake the packaging of all coffee products according to preference. Our experienced partners will design the packaging  of your brand.


Available types of packaging:


  • Vacuum
  • Pouch
  • Paper box
  • Metal box
  • Foil bag
  • Valve foil bag
  • Capsules
Greek CoffeeFilter CoffeeFlavored Filter CoffeeEspresso CoffeeInstant Coffee
Ground Coffee100 g net 96 g
200 g net 194 g
500 g net 487 g
250 g vacuum
500 g vacuum
250 g in box250 g vacuum
500 g vacuum
5 g Nespresso compatible capsule*
( 1 box of 10, 20, or 50 pcs)
7 g espresso pod in box of 20
100 g tin agglomerated
200 g tin agglomerated
100 g tin decaf agglomerated
200 g tin decaf agglomerated
500 g pouch spray dried
100 g glass jar freeze dried
Coffee Bean2 kg pouch
3 kg pouch
5 kg pouch
1 kg  pouch with inner valve

* Brand of a company unrelated to CAFETEX S.A.

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