The Due Diligence Code and the Company’s Policies can be found here.


For Human Rights issues, Gender Equality and Responsible Business Conduct and in case you find or are informed of a possible violation or omission of action, by a person who maintains a relationship with CAFETEX S.A., which is related to the Company’s Due Diligence Code, you can send a report to the Company, named or anonymous, in the following ways:


  • by e-mail to betterworkplace@cafetex.eu, access to which is exclusively limited to 3 members of the Grievance Management Committee, including the Gender Equality* Officer.
  • in writing to the Company’s head office, at the address: Agiou Louka Str., 19002, Paiania, Greece, with the indication “attention of the Complaints Management Committee”.


CAFETEX S.A. guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of your report.

It is understood that the Company fully reserves the right to take any legal action to protect its rights, against any person who makes complaints, which prove to be clearly malicious with the purpose of defaming it. Such actions will be further investigated at the discretion of the Company, both in terms of motives and those involved, in order to restore order by any legal means.


* Get informed by the Research Center for Gender Equality (KETHI) about its actions in promoting gender equality, in all areas of social, political, cultural and economic life, with the main goal of eliminating gender discrimination and inequalities. https://www.kethi.gr

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